Four Fun and Fantastic Apps for Ages 2 - 10

Hello my name is Ronan and today I will be telling you all about some great apps for a variety of ages

Ages 2 to 4: Sago Mini Doodle Cast  Price: $2.99
Sago mini doodlecast is a great game for young kids. They give you templates like a house with no roof and your little one can draw a roof on it but there are tons of different templates to draw with.You can also record what you drew, like if you drew your family you could say this is my family and say there names like this is john this is sarah and so on.  My 4 year old cousin really enjoys this game. 

Ages 5 to 6: Sonic and All Star Racing Transformed Price: free
This game is a very fun game where you can turn into different characters and race in different cars which have different special powers. There are different cups to race that have different events in them. My five year brother loves this game.

 Ages 6 to 7: Toca Boca Hair Salon 2  Price: $2.99

This game is a lot of fun, you get to style people's hair using different tools and give them unique styles. You can comb. iron, curl and dye their hair and much more. Once you finish styling their hair there is still more work to do! Put on different items like hats, earrings, bow ties and more. Then take a picture of them and move on to the next customer.

Ages 8 to 10: Cartoon Network Soccer Price: 2.99
Be a soccer player and one of your favourite cartoon network characters at the same this game! It is lots of fun.

Thank you for reading my article on app ages.  Let me know what you think of these games and if your family like them!



  1. Thanks Ronan, the Doodle Cast sounds like KidPixs that my niece use to play with me and was great fun.

    I think I should get the hair salon one as I cut my own hair and might be good to practice on others.


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