When can I let my Kids Explore on their Own?

This post is written by Ro aged 9 on why you should let your kids roam the outdoors!

Today I will be talking about why parents should let their kids go more places with their friends without supervision.

Parents are always telling their kids go outside and play so you get some fresh air, which is easy understand but i think kids should be aloud go to a near by park or a convenience store. Let them ride  bikes around the block with friends but not always with supervision.

But you should always tell your kids what to do when they get lost or when somebody gets a cut etc. Kids should be taught to stick together.

Yesterday my parents and my friend's parents allowed us to go to the  convenience store by ourselves but first we had to go on google maps (street view) with our parents and review what streets to take and where to go when we see a landmark etc.  

Its always a good idea to let your kids go with  friends because if someone gets hurt the other person can go and get a parent and the third friend can support the person hurt.

Thats why I think parents should let their kids go to places with there friends without supervision.

Top benefits of letting your kids ( please note one the the kids should be at least 9):

- Freedom 
- Leadership
- Responsibility 
- Friendship
- Fresh air
- Independence 

 Written by: Ro | Ro lives in Toronto and loves exploring his neighbourhood and in his spare time is busy with hockey, improv and making movies!



  1. Good for you! I assume since you wrote this that the trek to the store was successful! What did you get?


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