Mindful Strategies for Reducing Anxiety in Children Starting or Returning to School!

Spending time outside is a great stress reducer!

My close friend Laurel is my "go- to- girl" for advice when it comes creating happy and well adjusted children. She is so fun and laid back that I feel at ease talking to her about my children. She has also survived the preschool and youth phases. This is perfect for me since my kids are only 5 and 9.

Her playful approach will certainly be an asset to her children now that they are well on their way to adulthood.

Recently, Laurel started a business called Meditating Munchkins  dedicated to teaching children and their parents the benefits of practicing Meditation to reduce anxiety.

Here are a few tidbit tips from the video below:

  • Tip 1: Set up an "OM Zone" in your home.  This is a tech free area in your home where everyone can decompress and feel at peace. In this space you would have comfy pillows, maybe some fun crystals etc. It is clutter free and filled with inspiration. You can get your kids involved this fall by creating this family space. This is a place where everyone is invited to go either privately or as a family. 

    : Have a weekly 1 minute family meditation - encouraging this as a great way to deal with individual troubles and stresses - a sure way to calm down when we are frustrated. This weekly event can be a place where positive intentions are shared and possibly  capped off with a family meeting. Here you can you talk about schedules, chores, other important items to be accomplished. Use flip chart paper to record notes and schedules a reference point. 

For more tips check out Laurel's video here: 




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