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As a mom of two boys I can share with you my struggles to keep learning exciting for my boys. Adventure is everything to my guys but their growing up in a technology abundant world has made good old fashion play a challenge.

Stop the Power Struggles and Focus on Win Win.

There have been tears shed over homework, practicing letters and of course the fidgeting and focusing. I have felt guilt and frustration over trying to make my boys fit into the education mold that so often doesn’t work for active learners. I have endured parent meetings where teachers have expressed concern over lack of focus in the classroom, I have worried endlessly if I was doing all I could do.

After years of this I decided it was time to relax. It did happen to coincide over this school year when both my boys had incredible teachers who really seemed to embrace my children for who they were and they have flourished ever since. My oldest is regularly bringing home A’s in grade 5 and my youngest is started to embrace learning in SK because the teachers have played to their strengths. No more power struggles.

Finding Education Solutions through Play and Adventure

So when I was asked to demo an educational product currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, I decided it was a whole hearted yes for me. I didn’t matter that I was busy trying to finish up work projects before the kids got out of school next week. I was going to take on this adventure with my children and I can tell you that it has been worth the time.

Playing with the online starter kit for Imaginary Friends - you can download it too!

As Evan Jones, Founder of Imaginary Friends and Stitch Media said: "I've always been making up stories with my kids," says Evan "And I wanted to build an adventure kit we could work through together." The story of filling a house with play and imagination led to a wonderful creation.

I feel confident that Imaginary Friends will make a lot of reluctant learners shed less tears as we all focus on a mission of making learning an adventure.

Each book is a family adventure and arrives at your home with printed chapters and an activity kit that includes puzzles, secret notes and other ideas to bring the story to life. It's easy to use and starts when parents log on and trigger interactive and real-life activities that coincide with the narrative and make your children a key part of the action.

 My 10 year old, not easily impressed loved the scavenger hunt with the personalized computer driven clues that sent him off looking for clues to a puzzle. The combination of active adventure coupled with the fun personalized computerized action is a hit for boys who are easily hooked to the ipad but also crave good old fashion fun. The comic style covers draw the boys to the books.

Benefits to Children From My Perspective:
  • Opportunities to be creative and spontaneous
  • Active play reduces stress and helps children focus 
  • Amazing opportunity for reluctant readers to enjoy fun reading based activities 
  • Children can learn about entrepreneurship and be part of the development of a product going to market! 

You can help to bring this to Market

Imagine the excitement of telling your children you helped to bring this project to market! How cool would your kids think you were?

Please consider supporting Imaginary Friends Kickstarter project by Friday, June 26th.

Each ‘pledge’ is a pre-order for a ‘reward’. Choose the reward you’d like and enter your credit card – you won’t be charged unless they hit the goal and ship the reward! What could be safer than that? 

Catch the entrepreneurial bug - become a member of the advisor community, feedback will influence the future of Imaginary friends and you can help them choose the next story!

Currently the Kickstarter campaign is $11,000 short of its goal. The Kickstarter campaign site explains what you get when you contribute to the program. Some rewards include free books and a year of free Imaginary Friends adventures.

Try out a FREE sample of Imaginary Friends today! (2 chapters and a scavenger hunt you can print at home.) . Make sure you visit the Imaginary Friends website to get your free downloadable Father’s day cards as well!

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Happy playing ... @LeighMitchell, Founder of GtaParent

Ps - Our highlight was howling with laughter at my husbands clues as he hid the scavenger hunt pieces.

Reader's note: This is a sponsored post but I endorse it with love or would choose not to write about it.



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