@LemonadeForLove 2015 - Teaching your children to be Involved and Engaged through Community Events

Lemonade for Love is a simple home-spun lemonade stand with a super sweet twist. The lemonade stand is a child-driven, parent-supported event. The organizers are children, aged 4-11, that live in the Etobicoke community.
The goal of Lemonade for Love is simple – to build community and raise money. The only requirement placed on the event is that it is about kids helping kids.
This is our second year. In 2014 the kids raised $1300 for the Bravery Bead Program at SickKids.
It’s being run by kids?images
You betcha! Not only is the Lemonade for Love an opportunity to build our community and 
raise funds to support children in need,  it is also a learning opportunity for children! The kids learn about project planning, communication, sponsorship  and philanthropy. They learn how to make decisions, prioritize, and enjoy the act of brainstorming fun and creative ideas!
Our group is diverse – some of the children have volunteered to write articles about the event, and some are getting their super-duper colouring skills on to create beautiful event invitations. No matter what the role, they are working as a community.
Our primary goal is to build our community and our secondary goal is to raise money.



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