March Break Fun on the Subway Line #Thriveinmylife

5 Fun Things to Do When You Get off at
Bathurst Subway Station 

The best thing about an adventure is that you don't know exactly where you are going to go. That is exactly what we did this March Break. We popped on the subway and hopped off at Bathurst Station (Bloor/Danforth Line). I let my boys pick where we would go along the way. The best part was we got some exercise and had a lot of fun and lots of giggles. Here is where we went. 

1. Head to Honest Eds to clown around and take fun pictures (Remember it is closing December 2016)

2. Have lunch and play board games at Snakes and Lattes 

3. Check out the record shop just east of Snakes and Lattes

4. Head to the Comic Book Shop just beyond the record shop

5. Final destination Royal Ontario Museum



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