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GTA Parent aims to build healthier, stronger and connected communities so that we can thrive together.  

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GtaParent.com was born in 2009 while founder Leigh Mitchell was on maternity leave with her second child. As a social entrepreneur, successful educator and certified parenting instructor, Leigh has worked with families and communities across Canada.  After a successful career working in  Recreation, Community Development and Marketing for the City of Mississauga, Leigh decided to open her own thriving business working with families, women and community organizations through developing and delivering skill building workshops and conferences. 

About our Founder:
Leigh Mitchell is the founder of Gtaparent.com and a life long lover of the benefits of recreation and the great outdoors. By day Leigh is a Sales, Mindfulness and Productivity Leader, Educating Small Business Owners and Families and hosts the Thriveinmylife Podcast.

 In her spare time she volunteers to assist organizations like Active for Live (as a Mentor)Canadian Centre of Abuse Awareness, HerVolution (leadership training for young women) and Parent Education Network.

Connect with Leigh at http://www.gtaparent.com or on Twitter at @WomenBizNetwork , @Thriveinmylife and @LeighMitchell

Leigh is also the mother of two active, fun boys and an amazing husband. She loves cycling, swimming, yoga, reading, running and exploring the great outdoors!


Did you know? GTAParent is 7 years old! 

What Will You Find on GTA Parent

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Parenting Workshops

Leigh Mitchell is a certified parenting coach and successfully facilitates workshops on a variety of parenting topics such as: 
  • Mindful based Parenting 
  • Positive Parenting 
  • Power Struggles in Parenting 
  • How to Communicate More Effectively as a Parent
  • Happy Healthy Marriage and Parenting 101
  • Thriving Active and Healthy Communities 
Contact  Leigh Mitchell for more information on any of the topics above at leigh@gtaparent.com   - She has taught workshops for Toronto Board of Education, Daycare Centres and Community Associations through Toronto . 


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